1. Question: Do I qualify to become a member?

Answer: All members of the built environment industry qualify for membership at AAK SACCO. Membership is also open to immediate family members of these professionals and staff of firm members of the Association.

  1. Question: How do I join if I qualify?

Answer: Fill in a membership application form that can be collected from the AAK secretariat or downloaded from the AAK COOPERATIVE SACCO website ( Attach a recent passport size photo, a copy of national ID or passport and registration fees of sh.2500 (subject to change) plus your intended monthly deposits. Once the form is filled and deposits made to the Sacco bank account, the documents (bank slip and the form) are passed on to the AAK secretariat for an official receipt and membership number to be issued instantly.

  1. Question: How much is the minimum and maximum contribution I can make towards the shares?

Answer: The minimum monthly member contribution is Ksh.1,000. There is no limit to the maximum amount that can be contributed.

  1. Question: Can I increase or reduce my monthly contributions?

Answer: Yes, by filling in a change-in-share deposits form and pass it to the secretariat or one of the SACCO officials. The form can also be downloaded from the Website.

  1. Question: Can I rejoin the SACCO if I had earlier withdrawn?

Answer: Yes. A member who has withdrawn from the Society may be allowed to rejoin provided that he/she pays a rejoining fee. Upon rejoining, the member shall be treated as a new member.

  1. Question: If I leave employment can I continue to be a member

Answer: Yes. And ensure that all the monthly deposits and loan repayments (where relevant) are made on time.

  1. Question: What are my rights as a member?


  • Quarterly individual statement of accounts containing your debit and credit transactions
  • Attend, participate and vote at the General Meetings of members
  • Elect or be elected as a member of the Committee or official of the Society.
  • Use the Society’s services according to the policies and procedures approved by the General Meeting
  • Inspect the books and reports of the Society
  1. Question: What are my duties as a member of the SACCO?

Answer: Among others the following:

  • To promptly make all required contributions and mobilize funds for lending to members
  • To repay all outstanding loans according to terms and conditions stated in the loan agreement
  • Observe the code of conduct and ethics for co-operative societies and desist from any corrupt practices in dealings with the Society
  • To participate in the activities and attend the members’ education days in order to learn more about the Society.
  • To support issues put forth that improve the sustainability of the Society and promote the good will of all members.
  • To encourage potential members to join the Society.


  1. Question: As a member how many loans am I entitled to and what is the maximum amount? Answer: Loans eligibility is based on a member’s salary/wage. The maximum amount of loan(s) granted to a member shall not exceed three times a member’s shares/deposits
  2. Question: What do I do if I require a loan?

Answer: A member must have completed at least six (6) months of membership from the date of enrollment has been maintaining a monthly share/deposit contribution of not less KES. 1000.

He/She can pick the loan application form from the AAK secretariat or download it from the AAK website. The duly-filled form should be returned to the secretariat on or before the 30th of every month.

  1. Question: How long do I wait for my loan to be approved?

Answer: Subject to availability of funds, the Credit Committee reviews all initial applications on a first-come-first basis before forwarding to the Executive for a final decision.

  1. Question: Can I apply for another loan if I am still servicing one?

Answer: No. However, a refinancing loan may be given under the discretion of the Management Committee subject to availability of funds.

  1. Question: Can I increase my deposit and apply for a new loan or pay off a loan and apply for another one immediately?

 Answer: Yes. Once the previous loan is duly paid, a member is free to apply for another so long as he/she has been consistent in concurrently remitting the monthly share deposits as they service their loans.

  1. Question: How many members can guarantee my loan and who can guarantee?

Answer All loans applied for must be secured by guarantors. All guarantors must be members of the Society. The total shares of the borrower and those of the guarantors must be equal to or more than the loan applied for.

Note on Guarantorship:

  1. It is important to understand that when you guarantee a loan to another member of the SACCO you are responsible for your part and also for the whole of the loan when the member is in default
  2. It is the responsibility of the members who have guaranteed a member to ensure that the member pays the loan especially if the member leaves employment with an affiliate institution.
  3. The SACCO will normally alert guarantors when a member is leaving and owes the SACCO. The guarantors together with the member have to inform the SACCO on the way forward regarding how payment will be made.
  4. If a member defaults, the SACCO will recover the loan from the guarantors’ deposits and the guarantors can seek legal redress and/or the Ministry of Cooperatives tribunal.